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1   input voltage amplifier stage
     6n1 one kind of deeply respected circuit. The circuit has a low distortion, low noise, wide frequency response characteristics, is currently one of the best line tube amp circuit common.

2  The power output stage
     Power tube 6P3P standard connection, signal, screen grid (4 feet) + B1 directly connected with the power supply from the control gate ( 5 feet) input. Characteristics of this connection are: high amplification efficiency. To achieve the characteristics specified in the table tube amplifier output power. R6 for the output stage cathode resistor, the output stage gate negative determined -19.5V. 6P3P screen voltage of 300V, the gate negative for -19.5v, screen flow is 60mA, for Class A amplification, the output power is about 7.5W, basically meet the general requirements of the home environment playback.

3  power circuit
    The power supply circuit using conventional tube rectifier, CLC-π-type filter, while maintaining the traditional tube amps musical charm. But also the whole tone to achieve harmony and balance.
     Dual 3000V voltage by 5Z4P full-wave rectified by the power transformer secondary output 220v, CLC-π filter output 100Hz unidirectional pulsating DC through C6, L1, C7 consisting get smooth DC high voltage. Tube rectifier experienced during warm-up process and no high-pressure shock tube has a protective role, which is in the use of astronomical tube amplifier circuit is particularly important. CLC-π type filter mode filtering effect, the source resistance is low, to reduce noise and improve the whole dynamic of great benefit.

Second, the production of the output transformer
     Output transformer is an important component tube amp circuit, if homemade conditions are not met, you can buy the finished structure. Specific parameters used with the machine output transformer is shown in Figure 2. Core is 66 × 32 z11 0.35 silicon, a total of 3300 very early laps, divided into two levels. Diameter is 0.18mm; 172 secondary circle, divided into three layers, the use of wire is 0.82mm. EI silicon steel are empty air gap 0.08mm, the maximum operating current of 70mA, power is 8.5W.

Third, production and commissioning
     This machine line is simple, the use of fewer components, can be welded scaffolding, making debugging easy success rate.
     The production of welding power source and can be part of the filament power supply, power amplifier circuit normal after re-welding, to note that, when the power-load voltage slightly higher capacitor voltage must meet the requirements of Figure 1. Marked in the figure is the number of test points voltage produced when the measured voltage, I, when produced as a reference, the voltage change when power is not, the test value should be close to the above, so that the success of the mention.
     1K can change the whole operation, the production process to attract attention, especially 47k is not much this machine measured output power is about 7.5W, pure and mellow sound of the speakers have good control, and the gall ignorant rich, musical feeling full.



6n1 + 6p3p component list

Power Transformer * 1 300v * 2 6.3v 5v 3.15v * 2

Output transformer 3.5k: 4 8 * 2

Choke ring 5H * 1

Chassis * 1

Chassis foot * 4

Signal input socket * 2

Output socket * 6

Power outlet * 1


Switch * 1

Potentiometer 100K * 1

Potentiometer knob * 1

5z4p  * 1

6n1 * 1

6p3p  * 2

Big eight foot tube socket * 3

Small nine foot tube socket * 1

47uf / 400v * 1

330uf / 450v * 1

22uf / 400v * 1

470uf / 50v * 2

0.22uf / 160 * 2

1k * 2

47k * 2

330 * 2

470k * 2

22k * 1

15k * 2

Dual-core shielded cable 30cm

Sleeve   15cm

Welding wire    3m

3mm 4mm screw and female    16


Schematic   X 1


Note: the kit is not include the AC input cable.


This amplifier kit only can works at AC220V-AC240V voltage







The power cable default is not included







Circuit simple assembly sequence and Precautions
1, install outlet for each input and output jacks volume potentiometer switch tube holder.
2, fixed power and output transformers, choke inductors, each tube filament power supply connection, try to pay attention to good twisted, connect the power switch to the power transformer, the secondary AC voltage measurement in each group is normal.
3, connect the output transformer secondary to 4 speaker output and connect the left and right channel speaker seat, power listen to the background noise is normal, if the noise to see whether the light silk strands and traces a good position, as a welding comparison of the boot.
4, with a bandage fixed electrolytic capacitors to the transformer bottom screw piles, and fixed with hot, connect the transformer to the 5Z4P the 250V power supply line, 5Z4P octagonal seat of the first eight feet to the capacitor positive 450V / 47UF through the small inductor to large filter capacitor positive point 450V / 330UF, the size of the filter capacitor anode connected together. Boot test whether large voltage across the electrolytic filter between 380v.
5, welding signal input line to the middle of the top two potential signal negative input seat with 4 speaker output to the negative two main filter electrolysis.
6, welding 6N1 resistive and capacitive components of the foot, the foot welding 6P3P RC components. Welding according to personal preference casual, try a little ground.
7, referring to the drawings carefully review the patient is checked for errors welding weld areas.
8, plug in the tube, be sure to take a good speaker, volume potentiometer close to the smallest places, the multimeter received 6P3P of 8 feet, to see whether the voltage slowly rise to about 15V, whether the speaker has a slight background noise, reference drawings test each voltage point mark again.
9, if not unusual, that I also congratulate you, has done a nice 6P3P small tube amp, and connected audio CD or a computer to do, and slowly enjoy the fruits of their hard sounds of flowing out of it.

Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 6.0kg (13.23lb.)
  • Package Size: 40cm x 40cm x 25cm (15.75in x 15.75in x 9.84in)
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Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 6.0kg (13.23lb.)
  • Package Size: 40cm x 40cm x 25cm (15.75in x 15.75in x 9.84in)
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